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Characteristics of the use of external circulation single effect evaporator

External circulation single-effect evaporator is a common type of single-effect evaporator. It is widely used in the concentration of glucose, starch sugar, traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, oral liquid, food, monosodium glutamate, chemical, dairy and other industrial organic solvents (such as alcohol). ) recycling. So, what are the advantages of the external circulation single-effect evaporator in the process of use?

Characteristics of the use of external circulation single effect evaporator

1. The external circulation single-effect evaporator has simple operation and small floor space. The heater and evaporator are made of stainless steel insulation structure, the insulation is made of polyurethane foam, and the outer surface is matte matt finish, which conforms to GMP standards.

2. Concentrated liquid material: The equipment adopts external heating natural circulation type and vacuum negative pressure evaporation method, the evaporation speed is fast, the concentrated specific gravity can reach 1.3; the liquid material is in a fully sealed state without foam concentration, and the liquid medicine concentrated by the equipment, It has the characteristics of no pollution, strong medicinal taste, and easy to clean (open the upper and lower covers of the heater to clean).

3. Alcohol recovery: The recycling capacity is large, and the vacuum concentration process is adopted. It is 5-10 times better than the old similar equipment and reduces energy consumption by 30%. It has the characteristics of small investment and high recycling efficiency.

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