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Problems of evaporator defrosting and improvement methods

Although the evaporator is very easy to use, in the process of use, there is a phenomenon that the evaporator defrost electric heating tube burns out and the water collecting tray heating chamber burns out. Therefore, we introduce the problems of the evaporator equipment and analyze the problems. The root cause and propose corresponding improvement measures.

1, the evaporator often fails to melt frost

The electric heating tube of the evaporator is very easy to burn out, and since the electric heating tube of the evaporator is connected in series with 2 heating tubes, one of them is burned out, and the line interruption cannot work normally, so the frost on the evaporator body cannot be melted.

2, the water tray is frozen

There is no electric heating tube inside the water collecting tray. Although it has the same electric heating wire as the inside of the downpipe, the power is small, the quality is poor, and the fault often occurs. Because the low temperature reaches below -18 °C, when the evaporator is defrost After that, the water entering the water collecting tray will not freeze until it is released, and it cannot flow normally through the downpipe.

3, down pipe ice block

The downpipe electric heating wire is faulty. Since the downpipe electric heating wire is always in working state, and its own quality is poor, the downpipe electric heating wire has a high failure rate. Since the original downpipe is long, once the electric heating wire is broken, in the low temperature environment, the water entering the downpipe has begun to freeze before it has flowed away, and the defrosting is not normally achieved.

improvement measures:

1. The main reason why the evaporator cannot be defrosted is because the quality of the electric heating is caused by the problem, and the series method is used. Therefore, we should use a heating tube with a rated voltage of 220v and use a parallel connection.

2. Re-customize the water collecting tray to ensure that the water evaporated by the evaporator does not freeze twice after it reaches the water collecting tray.

3, improve the truncated downpipe, the downpipe is as short as possible, add a water bucket under the water tray, replace the new water bucket before the water in the water tank is not full.

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