Centrifugal sanitary pump selection method

The application of sanitary pumps is closely related to human health. The primary goal is to ensure that there are no bacteria, microorganisms, no toxic substances in the production process, no reaction to the medium to be transported, and to ensure perfect cleaning without residue, and secondly to comply with the relevant standards. The pump should not be damaged, and the material that is very sensitive to shearing should be carefully selected. The choice of a particular pump depends on many factors, including pump delivery, delivery pressure, and suction port status, and the viscosity of the fluid under actual shear rate and temperature conditions in the system.


Viscosity values that must be considered in pump and system design:
 1 viscosity in the tank (low shear rate)
 2 viscosity in the pipeline (medium shear rate)
 3 pump (high shear rate) viscosity
 Since the shear sensitive fluid will deteriorate during operation, a low shear positive displacement pump (such as a hose pump) is usually used, and the pumping speed is also selected accordingly.
 The selected product does not damage the solids of the product (than the grain).
 If the product has abrasive wear characteristics or contains suspended hard solid particles, use a lower speed (no particle settling can occur).
 Temperature affects inhalation performance, considering NPSHr.
 To transport a medium with a higher temperature, different rates of thermal expansion between the components must be considered.

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