Stainless steel chemical pump features

The chemical pump is a nationally designed energy-saving pump. The performance and technical requirements of the pump are designed according to the performance and size specified in the international standard ISO2858. The advantages are: the whole series of water conservancy performance layout is reasonable, the user has a wide range of choices, & ldquo; & rdquo; structure, easy maintenance, efficiency and suction reach the international advanced level. Chemical pump classification: stainless steel chemical pump, plastic chemical pump, fluorine plastic chemical pump, electric chemical pump, pneumatic chemical pump.

First, according to the different chemical pump materials, the following areas of application are:

1) Chemical pumps (stainless steel) are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, synthetic fiber, pharmaceutical, food, synthetic fiber and other sectors for the transport of alkaline corrosive media;
2) Chemical pump (fluorine plastic material) is used to transport any acidic and alkaline corrosive medium;
3) Chemical pump (cast iron material) is used for industrial, urban water supply and drainage, and can also be used for irrigation and drainage of farmland and orchard for transporting clean water or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clean water.
Second, according to the different uses of chemical pumps, a detailed introduction to its classification:
1) Process flow pump: including feed pump, return pump, circulation pump, flushing pump, sewage pump, replenishing pump, output pump, etc.
2) Utility pump: including boiler pump, cooling tower pump, fire pump, deep well pump for water source, etc.
3) Auxiliary pump: including lubricating oil pump, sealing oil pump, hydraulic transmission pump, etc.
4) Pipeline pump: pump for oil pipeline, pump for loading and unloading truck, etc.
Third, according to the working principle, structure classification:
1) Vane pump: When the pump shaft rotates, it drives various impeller blades to give liquid to the pipeline or container by centrifugal force or axial force, such as centrifugal pump, vortex pump, mixed flow pump and axial flow pump.
2) Positive displacement pump: A pump that uses a continuous change in the volume of the pump cylinder to deliver liquid, such as a reciprocating pump, a piston pump, a gear pump, and a screw pump.
3) Other types of pumps: electromagnetic pumps that use electromagnetic energy to transport liquid electrical conductors; pumps that use fluid energy to transport liquids, such as jet pumps, air lifters, and the like.
Fourth, according to the transport medium classification:
1) Water pump: including clean water pump, boiler feed water pump, condensate pump and hot water pump.
2) Corrosion-resistant pumps: including stainless steel pumps, high-silicon cast iron pumps, ceramic acid-resistant pumps, impervious graphite pumps, lined hard rubber pumps, hard PVC pumps, shielded pumps, diaphragm pumps, titanium pumps, etc.
3) Impurity pump: including slurry pump, sand pump, sewage pump, pulverized coal pump, ash pump, etc.
4) Oil pump: cold oil pump, hot oil pump, oil slurry pump, liquid hydrocarbon pump, etc.
5. Classified according to the conditions of use:
1) Large flow and micro flow pump: flow rate is 300m & sup3; / min and 0.O1L / min;
2) High temperature pump and cryopump: high temperature up to 500 ° C, low temperature to one Z53 ° C;
3) High pressure pump and low pressure pump: high pressure up to 200MPa, vacuum degree is 2.66--10.66kPa (20— 80mmHg);
4) High-speed pump and low-speed pump: high speed up to 24000r / min, low speed 5 & mdash; 10r / min;
5 3%; Accurate metering pump: flow metering accuracy ± 0.3%;
6) High viscosity pump: viscosity up to several thousand pascals (Pa· s).

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