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Evaporator cleaning method

How to clean the evaporator:

1. Chemical cleaning process: water washing → pickling and descaling → water washing → passivation treatment;

2. Disconnect other systems unrelated to the cooling coil, and connect the cleaning tank, the cleaning pump and the cooling coil into a cleaning closed loop;

3. Check the leakage of the cleaning system under the simulated cleaning state, and remove the loose dirt in the coil. When the flushing water at the outlet is visually observed, there is no large particle impurity, and the water washing ends;

4. After the water rinsing is finished, add “evaporator cleaning agent” in the cleaning tank to control the concentration of the cleaning main agent at 3-6%, and the temperature is in the range of 50-60°C, and perform circulating cleaning and decontamination in the system. The cleaning time is about 2-3 hours. The pH value of the acid solution is measured periodically with a pH test paper (1 time / 20 minutes) to maintain it below 1 , and when the pH value tends to be stable within half an hour and no gas is released in the cleaning system, the pickling process is terminated;

5. After the water is rinsed, the “passivation pre-filming agent” is added cyclically for passivation treatment to improve the corrosion resistance of the copper tube. After the concentration of the entire system solution is evenly mixed, the cycle is stopped and soaked for 2-3 hours. The passivation solution is discharged from the system, and then discharged by neutralization treatment (pH 6-6) with a "neutralizing treatment agent", and the cleaning process is finished.

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