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What is the layout of the evaporator?

The calculation of the evaporation area of the ice bank evaporator is the same as that of other cold room evaporators. It can also be selected according to the net area of the ice storage. Generally, it is equipped with an evaporation area of 0.6~0.7m2 according to the area of one square meter.

The temperature of the evaporator used for the ice storage should be determined according to the type of ice stored. The temperature of the ice storage for storing salt water should be -4 °C, and the temperature of the ice storage for storing ice should be -18~-15 °C.

When designing the piping of the refrigeration system, it should be considered that the ice storage can still be cooled when the ice machine is not produced.

The defrost of the evaporator can be manually cleared.

When setting up the evaporator, there should be no wall drain for the ice storage with a net height below 6m, but the top row must be scattered. The ice storage with a net height of 6m or higher should be walled. Piece tube to prevent stacking hail type crash.

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